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The Legal Taxi is a flat-fee, pay-per-use legal research service operated by Mind Merchants LPO. If you have an issue that you need to research and you could use some outside help, Legal Taxi is the placeĀ  to go. If you give me an assignment that requires deeper or more exhaustive legal research, I’ll probably use the Legal Taxi crew, with whom I’ve been working for over a year now. Let me explain further.

Last year, my wife and I moved to Jaipur, India, where she worked as an English language teacher-trainer. After we settled in, I looked on-line to find out if there was some local entity that I might work with. I discovered Mind Merchants. I wrote to one of the principals, Dilpreet Sidhu, and within an hour, Dilpreet replied indicating a that they might have some work for me. After a couple of meetings, I began working with Mind Merchants and their start-up, The Legal Taxi. I began working on the project from near the time of its inception. I helped define the market (lawyers only) , develop the website, and hire and train our staff. Helping hire and train the staff proved especially rewarding and enlightening. The young lawyers we hired proved very capable and eager. By early in 2013, we were beginning to fill orders.

I will use The Legal Taxi (if you don’t do so directly) to add depth and scope to any needed legal research at a low-cost that I pass on to you.

By the way, if you have a larger project, or would like to work with The Legal Taxi on a longer-term basis, contact them and they will make arrangements outside of their normal flat-fee, pay-per-use offer.

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