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Agile Lawyers Needed: Change Is Here

How we lawyers operate is changing–fast. I found this post from The ABA Journal by Jordan Furlong titled “The Agile Lawyer Will Rise as Permanent, Full-Time Employment Vanishes”¬† interesting because it reflects my path in some ways. I practiced very traditionally for a long time; first as a law clerk, then as an associate in a firm in Champaign, Illinois (while my wife was in graduate school), and then for 29 years in Iowa City at the same office (moving from associate to partner). Now, over the last 17 months, I’ve done something very different (working with an Indian LPO) and now I’ve embarked on freelance lawyering, which is in its infant stages (i.e,. I’m still looking for work if you need help). This article tells me that I’m not alone and that I may have (inadvertently) caught a wave to ride, for better or worse.


Why Did I Go Freelance? (Or Should I Say “Rogue”?)

For those who don’t know me, you may wonder why, after 29 years of practice (in Iowa City), did I decide to leave my practice and now begin freelance lawyering? The personal answer is that my wife and I decided we wanted to do some adventuring before we became too old to have the yen to do so. We wanted more than just tourism; we wanted to experience living in a different country. Anyway, that’s the short form. This article tells why, in more abstract terms, someone like me with¬† an established practice would leave it and begin working freelance. In a word: Freedom. The article explains it well.