Persuasion, Ethics, and the Ethical

The post “Great Cicero’s Ghost” by Mark Bennett, a Houston criminal defense lawyer, centers on the issue of criminal representation and how far a criminal defense lawyer should go in representing a client in a matter such as rape. Believe me, folks, this is tough territory. I know from experience. But whether you’re a criminal defense lawyer or a parent going before a PTA meeting, ethics is a part of persuasion–an integral part. The post below should all remind us of this: the practical and the ethical are a part of a continuum of considerations in deciding upon a course of action. In law, we break down ethics into the rules of the game set by the bar and enforced as la and whatever personal scruples  that we may add (or, as the post suggests, shouldn’t add in) in addition to the rules.

Bennett’s post could serve as a checklist  in building a case of persuasion. If you think that few consider ethics in building arguments, I’m sure you’re right. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do so.
P.S. The Cicero quote at the end is on point. I’m not so sure of the author’s final line, but it’s something that every advocate must consider.

N.B. This original post has been altered, as Mr. Bennett took exception to including his attributed blog in full in the body of the post. Instead, I now have the link above. I do recommend reading  his blog via the link. I’ve apologized to Mr. Bennett for the offense he took when I included the body of his blog at this site.

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