Constance Hale on Drafting a Scene

Just a short while ago I posted a piece by Roy Peter Clark on vivid storytelling, and then I came across this post from another writing guru, Constance Hale at Since I think that their messages reinforce one another, I thought I should reference this post as a complement. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting the you write briefs that way that you’d write a New Yorker article, nor that your brief should land you an invite to the Jaipur Literature Festival (#ZEEJLF). However, you do want to engage your audience, whether adjusters,  opposing attorneys, judges, or jurors. All want to be engaged (well, I’m not sure about insurance adjusters, but I grudgingly admit that they are human, too). So if an event happens somewhere, describe it as best you can using the principles set forth Hale’s and Clark’s posts.


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