Steve Greenleaf, Freelance Lawyer

Steve Greenleaf, freelance lawyer from Iowa City, now living in India
Steve Greenleaf, freelance lawyer from Iowa City, now living in Suzhou, China

PROFESSIONAL:  Before closing my practice in Iowa City, I practiced law with Lawrence L. (Larry) Lynch for 29 years. In 1987, Robert S. (Bob) Michael joined us, and we eventually formed the firm of Lynch, Greenleaf & Michael, LLP. in Iowa City. (My former associate, Crystal K. Raiber, has since become a partner in the firm, now Lynch, Michael, and Raiber, LLP.) Most of my practice dealt with hearings, trials, and appeals: civil, criminal, and administrative, jury and non-jury. I refer to myself as an advocate because it reflects my work for clients at all levels, from direct negotiations to appellate briefs and arguments. I also represented four small towns as their city attorney, and I accepted special assignments of work from other cities as well.

Last year while living in Jaipur, India, I began consulting with Mind Merchants, LPO and helped them develop and launch their legal research service, The Legal Taxi. I continue to work with them on the preparation of their legal research projects.

Now I’m a freelance lawyer. I’m offering my services in legal drafting and case planning to other lawyers. If you have a legal document that you need help drafting, such as a pleading, discovery, a summary judgment motion, a trial or appellate brief, I can do that for you—or better yet, do it with you. Perhaps you’d like some feedback and guidance on trial challenges such as strategy, witness sequence, or a difficult evidence problem. I can help you with that as well.

Check out my CV to read more about my experience.

Some of my reported cases:

Gabelmann v. NFO, Inc., 571 N.W. 2d 476 (Iowa 1996)

Gabelmann v. NFO, Inc. (Gabelmann II), 606 N.W. 2d 339 (Iowa 2000)

Hogan v. Raytheon, 302 F.3d 854 (8th Cir. 2002)

Juan Garcia v. Naylor, 650 N.W. 2d 87 (2002)

Jean Regenwether v. Clinton Humane Society, 820 N.W. 2d 160 (Iowa App. 2012)

Here is a sample of types of cases that I’ve handled.

Here I am @ Linkedin

PERSONAL:  I was born and raised in Shenandoah, Iowa. I received my B.A. and J.D. from the University of Iowa (Go Hawks!), and practiced law for 29 years in Iowa City, Iowa. I loved Iowa City for its bookstores and public library, wonderful vibe, and friendly people. In 2012, my wife took an overseas job with the U.S. Dept. of State, and we lived in India for nearly two years. Since then, my wife has accepted a post teaching at an IB school in Suzhou, China, where we now live. I enjoy reading, politics, movies, travel, blogging (I have 3 different blogs currently), and fitness and outdoor activities.

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  1. brother john passed your site on to me. congrats to the hawks on drilling the huskers and getting to a new years day bowl game. will miss seeing you at coach rexroth’s event.
    hello to connie, sdg

  2. Hoja Verde. Hola! All I remember from Señor Kagay’s class. Brother John sent me your link. Impressive. Retired from teaching full time from Iowa Western in July. Still do partime online for them. In September took a State Department/INL contract job in Amman Jordan training Syrian refugees in a community watch program for the Jordanian police. Yeah, crazy I know! Never been done before. Gig is up in April then I may go to Jerusalem and coordinate field training of Palestinian police there … assuming Israel is not at war with someone by then. Some retirement huh! Still have my house in Shen for down periods and family gatherings. Well … say hi to Connie for me and that Slumdog guy too if you run into him!! Have a Happy New Year. Take care, Jaime Dahbay!!

  3. Hi Steve–I am searching for a thoughtful answer to personal question I have been wrestling with in recent months. The question lies at the intersection of Gary Wills, Donald Trump, and the agitation to bring more Muslims to the USA. The question: should we bring people here who, in the majority [according to world-wide polls], admire/prefer Shirea[?sp] law, and approve of death to anyone withdrawing from the Muslim religion? These beliefs are contrary to separation of church and state and freedom of religion. Can a Muslim with these beliefs honestly take the pledge to become an American citizen. A pluralistic society must have some unifying concepts or it isn’t a society, I would think. Thanks in advance. Steve Hansen

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